Natalie Nowkawalk, MSW, RSW

Come make the head-heart connection.

About Natalie Nowkawalk, MSW, RSW

Individual Counseling - Through counseling, I am helping adults find new solutions to problems, develop positive thinking and improve relationships with others.  Each counseling session is adapted and customized to meet the needs of clients' individual situations. By coming for counseling, talking about issues and difficulties, people can learn new perspectives, understand past and present situations and gain insight and hope to having better relationships, feeling better about oneself and achieving new goals.

Inclusion and Diversity - My services are open to all ages of adults, to all cultures, all races, all religious/spiritual beliefs, all sexual orientations, all forms of abilities and disabilities. We can work together towards healing the issues you are going through. I am also a counseling provider through NIHB/IRSHSP and Veteran Affairs Canada.

"Emotional and mental health are key to overall health and well-being. Take the courage, and take the step to come for support. "



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