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About Kin's Social

Most of us have our likings towards a cuisine. So this concept was created to satisfy the craving of the best of the two combination food which has gain immense popularity with its ethnicity and the taste of the spices. So here we have the answer to the husband who loves tacos and the wife who loves Curries. You both could come at one restaurant and satisfy your cravings and don’t forget to clinch your thirsts with a pint of beer or our Mexican margaritas.... this is our story, Anup, who is our entrepreneur, who loves tacos and his wife Aditi, who has addiction for the Indian cuisine. We are glad to have inspired from our current Franchised location of Tacorrito (North American Mexican food joint) and Hurry curry (Fast Food Indian restaurant)which are located in GTA. So even if you are in Toronto you will feel like home and will not miss Kin’s social.April 2014, during the Easter egg hunt we visited Kincardine for the first time and looking at the turn out, A small thought of inspiration was raised by this social gathering. People enjoying and sharing the happiness is priceless during this event, created a great example of socialism. You do not need to be in big city to be able to enjoy your life but small things can create so much happiness. Observing the toddlers to teens rejoice in the egg hunt we took great memories with us. Kept meeting our family friend Devang, Sejal and their beautiful daughters Khushali and Pankti during these years and came 2019 where we invested in the idea of bringing a great Combination cuisines to the doors of this amazing community which was prompted by Khushali and Pankti. Keeping the same idea of Socialism in Kincardine. So we called it Kin's social.


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