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About KNK Lawncare & Pest Control

KNK Lawn Care has been making beautiful lawns since 1984! The company offers lawn care programs including fertilizer, weed control, grub and chinch bug control (all of which are people and pet friendly), soil and root stimulator, along with aeration, over-seeding, slit seeding and hydroseeding services.In 2017, Matt and Melissa Mulholland took over the business. Matt was quite familiar with the business as he had worked for KNK already for a number of years. KNK Lawn Care has 10 full time lawn spray trucks, 4 pest control trucks, 5 service trucks, 2 sales/estimating trucks, and a hydroseeding truck. We currently have 28 dedicated and hardworking employees in addition to the owners. We are currently serving over 9000 clients in the region!KNK Lawn Care strives to offer the best customer service and satisfaction possible. By far, KNK Lawn Care produces the best looking lawns in the region.In 2023 KNK Lawn Care purchased Future Lawn out of Hanover and Enviro Masters Lawn and Pest Control out of Ripley! KNK is now offering Pest Control as well! We have 8 fully licensed and experienced exterminators to look after all of your Pest Control needs!


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