Drop-in at the Bridge

Strenthening our community!

About Drop-in at the Bridge

Established in the spring of 2018, Drop-in at The Bridge is a community centre located in beautiful downtown Kincardine. Drop-in welcomes all people while empowering those who are often marginalized, disadvantaged, and vulnerable. The Drop-in gives people a safe place to relax, be themselves, and interact with others from all walks of life. Our growing team of dedicated volunteers (some pictured above) is the driving force behind what we do, and we couldn't be more grateful!Drop-in provides a safe place to enjoy wonderful company, eat good food, learn more about local culture, and receive help navigating life. One day soon, we hope to connect guests to ESL programs, counselling services, financial planning services, housing, and job placement. In the context of a safe community and trusted relationships, we seek to walk people from where they are to where they want to be, like a bridge!​Guiding PrinciplesAll people are of immeasurable value and worth and deserve to be part of a loving community where they feel supported and acceptedMeeting the needs of the marginalized and vulnerable members of our community is our collective responsibilityBeing able to respond to needs in a timely and meaningful way helps preserve the dignity and self-worth of people in crisis



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